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Stress Counselling

I believe that everyone has the capacity to change and my goal is to walk beside you on your path.

Stress Counselling

63% of Canadians say they feel the same or more stressed as compared to five years ago with the majority of Canadians saying their job is their greatest cause of stress. Everyone has different levels of stress in their life, everyone handles stress differently and can tolerate different amounts of stress. I can help you manage your stress better, give me a call today and let me show you how.

What is Stress?

Stress is the mind and body’s response to all challenges being placed on your shoulders. When you have high levels of stress, your mind and body begin to feel threatened and activate your “fight” or “flight” response.

What you can do?

The first step is to find out what causes you stress and write those things down so you can begin addressing them. Making a plan can help you work towards addressing your stressors and how you will mitigate them. Meanwhile, always remember to take care of your self (e.g. exercise, sleep well and eat well) so you are in the best position to identify and address your stressors.

How do I provide support?

Having someone to share your thoughts and feelings with can be very therapeutic and alleviate the stress you feel. Also, it can help you learn more about what is causing stress in your life and I can work with you to identify patterns to mitigate stress and create a plan with you to address what is causing you stress.

Therapy Options

Everyone is comfortable receiving support in different ways. Your stress doesn’t have to control you, select the therapy option that works best for you and let’s figure it out together. Get the support you deserve and contact me today.