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Self-Esteem Counselling

Be kind to yourself, and celebrate the little wins.

Self-Esteem Counselling

In Canada, 49% of Canadians aged 12 years and older reported high self-esteem, 33% reported moderate self-esteem and 12% as low. The remaining respondents did not state their level. Youth are the most likely of all age groups to have low self-esteem and women more likely to have low self-esteem when compared to men. Your self-esteem can be improved through therapy, if you would like to talk about your self-esteem then reach out to me today.

What is Self-Esteem?

Self-esteem is your perception of your self worth and your abilities. This perception can be ingrained over time and highly influenced by family, friends, partners and sometimes even strangers. It is important to have a healthy perception of one’s self and can directly effect your happiness.

What you can do?

Sometimes you can be your own worst critic which can negatively impact your self-esteem. It is important to understand your strengths and appreciate them. Everyone is good at something and it is important to know the positives. Also, it can be helpful to be around individuals that provide support and appreciate your strengths and capabilties.

How do I provide support?

I will spend time understanding how your perceptions of your self worth and abilities are formed. I will work with you to ensure that you have a clear understanding of your strengths and capabilities and untangle unhealthy and inaccurate negative perceptions you may have.

Therapy Options

Everyone is comfortable receiving support in different ways. Your self-esteem doesn’t have to control you, select the therapy option that works best for you and let’s figure it out together. Get the support you deserve and contact me today.

Food For Thought

There are a few quotes that have been impactful in my growth and development and here is one that you may find helpful. 

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you really are.”

– Carl Jung