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Life Transitions Counselling

Changes in life are inevitable but sometimes we aren’t emotionally prepared for them.

Life Transitions Counselling

We go through various changes that significantly impact our lives and if we are not prepared for them it can sometimes be hard to accept those changes. You don’t have to go through it alone, I am here to support you.

What is a Life Transition?

In our life cycle we have common transitions we go through. For example, having a baby, retirement, children going off to school, aging, job changes and a whole bunch more. These milestones can change a person’s view of themselves, their purpose, and their future which can be difficult to accept if you’re not prepared for it.

What you can do?

Accepting the change can be the first step to dealing with it. Allowing yourself the time to adjust to the new situation is important. Everyone handles change differently and it is okay to take your time.

How do I provide support?

I understand that change is a difficult process and I am here to help you process your emotions and support you in finding your direction. Through counselling I will work with you to help you redefine or refine your sense of self in relation to the change so you are your best self.

Therapy Options

Everyone is comfortable receiving support in different ways. Everyone has the capacity to change, I am here to help you build your capacity for change. Select the therapy option that works best for you and let’s figure it out together. Get the support you deserve and contact me today.

Food For Thought

There are a few quotes that have been impactful in my growth and development and here is one that you may find helpful. 

“Life is about change. Sometimes it’s painful. Sometimes it’s beautiful. But most of the time, it’s both”

– Lana Lang