Brighter Path Counselling

Counselling Services

I believe that everyone has the capacity to change and my goal is to walk beside you on your path.


People come to counselling for a variety of issues. Whether you’re struggling in a relationship, having difficulty being happy and aren’t sure why, or going through a life transition, we often feel better when we get support. Sessions are held via telephone, video or a walk & talk. Find the service that’s right for you and reach out today. 

Life can be stressful. Everyone handles stress differently but you definitely don’t have to handle it alone. I am here to support.

If you’re feeling a sense of hopelessness or having trouble enjoying the things you used to, it might be helpful to learn more.

Negative self talk can impact how you feel and behave. It can be debilitating and overwhelming. I can support you in overcoming it.

Trauma impacts people’s lives and can show up in many ways or after a lengths of time. Whatever your situation, let’s talk about it.

Life Transitions Counselling Service

Change occurs in all areas of life and can be hard to deal with. Give me a call and I can help you be better prepared to handle it.

Losing something or someone can be hard and leave a sense of loss or emptiness. Call today and get the support you need.

Valuing yourself can be overlooked and a low self worth can cause a lot of challenges. Get your confidence back.

Therapeutic Approaches Used

This therapy is the conscious intention of focusing on solutions rather than the problems that brought the individual to seek therapy. This therapy is a short term goal focused evidence based approach. This technique helps individuals change by developing solutions rather than focusing on problems.

This theory is the process of helping individuals understand their unconscious behaviour patterns and emotions. Through conversation with a therapist the individual is able to understand themself better and improve their decision making since they know their underlying patterns and emotions. This theory pushes clients to acknowledge their emotions, identify patterns, improve relationships and recognize/address avoidance.

Clinically supported and evidence based approach to identifying inaccurate or negative thinking to allow you to deal with challenging situations by responding more effectively. This therapy supports the individual in progressing toward a goal in a step by step process building on itself over time.

The belief that an individual’s context is as important as the issue they bring to therapy. Thus, environmental, psychological, emotional, physiological, structural, musculoskeletal are all components considered when contextualizing the individual’s problem and finding solutions for healing.

Studies show mental and physical health benefits from intentionally connecting with nature. There are great benefits from noticing our senses in nature, the sounds of birds, the smells of plants, trees and cleaner air, seeing animals, whether on a trail or beside a stream or lake. Moving our bodies and spending time close to nature helps us relax and is linked to lowering stress, anxiety and depression. It also helps us reflect and feel more grounded, which can lead to us making more thoughtful decisions.